About the STEAM Outreach Team

The STEAM Outreach Team promotes the mission of the EPSD Education Foundation through engagement with the community and by enhancing the relationship between STEAM professionals and educators within the East Penn School District.

How This Works

The goal of the STEAM Outreach Team is to connect professionals with classrooms who have similar interests. Depending on your role, please find the appropriate link below. You will be directed to a brief form for which to gather your information. All of this contact information is gathered by our team and is shared, with permission, with teachers who are seeking specific professionals with expertise in a particular area. The teachers and professionals then coordinate their schedules, and plan on how to best facilitate the learning!

What Does This Look Like in the Classroom?

Professionals can share their expertise in several different ways. They may come to the classroom, or they may choose to participate remotely via Skype, Google Meet, etc. We recognize your busy schedule and ask that you participate in any way that you feel comfortable. The STEAM Team is able to provide resources for which to learn the different technologies associated with presenting information remotely. Community resources may be used on a one-time or on-going basis depending on the need.

Examples of how community resources can be used by teachers to augment classroom activities include:

● Career speakers

● STEAM-related topical talks/presentations

● Ask-a-scientist/virtual-in-residence inventors/scientists/engineers

● Invention/innovation talks and activities

● Technology demonstrations (e.g., virtual reality, robotics, chemistry, artistic methods, etc.)

What Happens Next?

A STEAM Team member will review your information and contact you if there are any questions or if there is a need for clarification. Your information will be kept confidential and will be placed in a database for our team to use in order to pair classrooms with the appropriate professional.


Community Members Click Here

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Contact the Foundation

Please also consider signing up or speaking directly with members of the Foundation and STEAM Team at one of our future outreach events.